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With just one daughter, she was already a grandmother at just 35 years of age.

This relationship was laced with scandal, as the Cheers actors affair with his Made in America costar back in 1992 led to his divorce from producer Casey Coates. At least that seems to be the case for Whoopi Goldberg, whose heart has apparently never healed after being loved and ...

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Lived with actress/comedian Whoopi Goldberg (separated in March 2001).

Whoopi, who previously dated actor Ted Danson, cinematographer David Claessen and actor Frank Langella among others, then chimed in with her own story about dating someone who was much younger. She refers to my partner or my significant other or my better half on The View but there seems to be no record anywhere of who that person might be. " Goldberg said, before declaring, "I've boned so many people since then." Goldberg and Danson met on the set of "Made in America" in the early '90s and dated for about a year.When a viewer phoned in and asked the actress and comedian why she thought Ne Ne had such a bad time, Goldberg responded first by saying that she had no clue the "Real Housewives" star felt that way, before adding, "Really, Ne Ne?Whoopig Goldberg has dated multiple times and had romantic affairs with several boyfriends including Frank Langella, Timothy Dalton and …Watch video Whoopi Goldberg was noticeably absent from The View on ...Sofia Richie leaves boyfriend at home as she joins sister Nicole …Whoopi Goldberg had a fling with Ted Danson 1993 - 1993 Ted Danson had an affair with Whoopi Goldberg while he was still married to wife Casey Coates, and his infidelity resulted in a million divorce.

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