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Who is sebastian rulli dating

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People have been privy to their relationship through social media as the couple usually shares photos of their romantic trysts and getaways particularly on Instagram and Twitter, giving people the notion that they are in fact past the wedding phase because they seem to be on the honeymoon stage every time.

However, the couple denied that they are tying the knot soon, saying that wedding plans are far from the minds and that they are savoring the moment right now and enjoying each other’s company.

But one thing they are sure about is that being in love with each other has inspired both of them to really work well together.

I see him every weekend when he comes [home] and takes and brings my son,” Galliano said on the Mexican television program “There are things that happen and you have to turn the page.

Each one of us has their own life, respects the life of the other and the common good is that we have Santi, who is the important person here,” she added.

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It was not too long after that the ex-wife decided to bury the hatchet and have a cordial co-parenting relationship with Rulli.