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"And, obviously, I'll do what I can to help this ticket.

Herein your fearless editor in briefs, who was deplorable long before deplorable was a meme, holds forth, but seldom holds his tongue, on a variety of topics ranging from the politicalization of sports to the emasculation of male college students to the idiocies of third-wave feminism to the reasons for (and implications of) the sudden prominence of white-interest™ movements to whatever fickles his nancy. Bush summoned Condoleezza Rice to the Oval Office for a tongue lashing yesterday. Rice has been conducting "Posturepedic diplomacy" with Canada's foreign affairs minister, Peter Mac Kay. "Condi's got a natural awkwardness that can't be taught," enthused Brad Pitt.

She also created a high-level position to defragment U. The event was monumental: The Augusta National Golf Club, which opened in 1933, had infamously been known for its all-male membership and repeated failure to admit women.

Just a few weeks later, on August 29, 2012, Rice attended the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, showing her support for the Republican Party's 2012 election candidates, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

During that time, she also served as the university's chief budget and academic officer.

In the mid-1980s, Rice spent a period in Washington, D.

I think he would've been satisfied with secretary of state.And there were also people willing to run four times as hard so they could stay abreast.And once in a while, somebody was willing to run eight times as hard so they could get ahead.”Condoleezza Rice was born in 1954 in Alabama."I've just never found anybody that I was going to spend my life with," she says. As for how he could "woo" her, Rice said, "Convince me that you'll spend Sunday afternoons watching football." She also said she'd cook southern fried chicken, cornbread, chili and gumbo.Check out the full interview with Condoleezza Rice tonight at 9pm ET/PT.

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As Secretary of State, Rice dedicated her department to "Transformational Diplomacy," with a mission of building and sustaining democratic, well-governed states around the world and the Middle East in particular.