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Unspecified Eric "Big Daddy" Nord opens a club in the basement of the Sentinel Building, at the corner of Kearny and Columbus, in San Francisco's North Beach area.For reasons that are debated to this day, the club is given the name the hungry i. [At this time, Tjader is most often a member of Dave Brubeck's Trio, alongside bassist Ron Crotty; sometimes Tjader also performs with Brubeck's Octet.] Unspecified Eric Nord sells the hungry i to Enrico Banducci. Cable Car Village, in San Francisco, as part of the Chuck Travis Quartet, with Travis, tenor sax, Charlie Price and Pat Krilitich.Guaraldi takes formal lessons from jazz pianist, composer and bandleader Leonard Auletti.

on KPIX-TV Channel 5.] Early October -- October 25 Fack's, backing headliner Georgie Auld, tenor sax, with Cal Tjader's Quartet.June Guaraldi graduates from Abraham Lincoln High School, in the center of San Francisco's Sunset District.July-August Guaraldi gets his first commissioned gig, performing at a summer resort in Yosemite.Guaraldi does not perform on the album, but this marks his debut recorded sale. Late March/early April-summer Touring with the Bill Harris/Chubby Jackson Sextet (for roughly a year): Harris, trombone; Jackson, bass; Charlie Mariano, alto and baritone sax; Harry Johnson, tenor sax; Joe Mac Donald, drums.[One known gig took place April 15, at the Canyon Club, Ogden, Utah.] [Leroy "Sam" Parkins, clarinet, joined the band in early summer, when it played in Wildwood, New Jersey.] Unspecified Performing with saxophonist Georgie Auld (off and on, possibly into early 1954).

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[Tjader disbanded his unit immediately after this gig concluded, and joined George Shearing on January 16.] February 1 Guaraldi and Shirley Moskowitz marry.

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