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Virtual date chatbot

You open the app, search for the name Tay—an acronym for “thinking about you”—tap on the contact and start chatting or tweeting.Its personality is supposed to be modeled on a teenager.Bots aren’t just a novelty; unlike Tay, some of them do things.They’ll act as your interface with computers and smartphones, helping you book a trip or send a message to a colleague, and do that through a conversation instead of a mouse click or finger tap.This statistic shows the preferences of customers who interact with different customer services online, between a chatbot or virtual assistant and a live customer service representative, as of 2017.At the time of the survey, 34 percent of respondents stated they would be comfortable receiving customer service from artificial intelligence in an online retail situation.So is Satya Nadella, 48, who succeeded Steve Ballmer as Microsoft’s chief executive officer two years ago.“I’m petrified to even ask it anything, because who knows what it may say,” Nadella said.

Early on March 30, Tay is accidentally brought back online. [i'm smoking kush infront the police]”—the bot is silenced again.

“We were probably overfocused on thinking about some of the technical challenges, and a lot of this is the social challenge,” Cheng says.

“We all feel terrible that so many people were offended.” It was a huge embarrassment for Microsoft.

Lili Cheng, 51, the human who runs the Microsoft research lab where Tay was developed (and whose selfie Tay once tagged as “cougar in the room”), said the plan isn’t to come up with one bot that gets along with everyone.

Rather, Microsoft is trying to create all kinds of bots with different personalities, which would become more realistic, and presumably less irksome, as they learned from repeated interactions with users.

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Hours after Tay’s public release, pranksters figured out how to teach Tay to spew racist comments and posted them for all to see.