Virtual artificial intelligence adult chat online dating network in ukraine

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Virtual artificial intelligence adult chat online

And though they encompass a range of ethnicities, they all look, well, virtual.

So don't go expecting a lifelike AI girlfriend in the vein of Joi from Blade Runner 2049.

Unlike virtual reality, AR overlays graphics on a real-world environment (think Snapchat's playful lenses).

Just slip on a headset, and a "sexy girl" will be plumped on your sofa or bed, promises 3DHolo Girlfriend.

FORGET Tinder, the launch of the first virtual girlfriend could bring about the next digital dating reboot.

A US firm is building 3D holograms of women that you can interact with using a Microsoft Holo Lens augmented reality (AR) headset.

This content could be a collection of real facts, fake news or a mix of just enough truth and falsehood to achieve the desired effect.

The AI system has a chatbot that can converse with you, through text, voice or even video.

There are presently only four character models available to users, according to the company's website.

A machine-dominated information environment is a rational extrapolation of current technology trends into the near future.

This machine-generated text, audio, and video will overwhelm human communication online.

It refers to machine-driven communication overwhelming Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Match, Reddit, chat rooms, news site comment sections, and the rest of the social web. This machine communication will be nearly indistinguishable from human communication.

The machines will be trying to persuade, sell, deceive, intimidate, manipulate, and cajole you into whatever response they’re programmed to elicit. Machine-driven communication isn’t about a sci-fi technological singularity where sentient artificial intelligences (AIs) wreck havoc on the human race. Advances in artificial intelligence will radically increase the efficacy of machine-driven communication tools.

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A machine-generated information dystopia is coming and it will have serious implications for civil discourse, government outreach, democracy and Western Civilization.

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