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When Harvey is not running around Boston he is giving a marathon tour of Boston history for the Boston Duck Tours!Professor Vaughn Von Trivia (“Von Von” to his friends) is the Chairman of the Department of Trivial Studies at the University of Glockenspiel.One-night stands and flings are becoming commonplace.They are duplicated here with permission of the author, Evelyn Farbman, and the publisher, Houghton Mifflin Inc.

Morally speaking, Western society seems to be becoming increasingly promiscuous.

More than just a text of the prayers, this includes full explanations of all prayers, laws and customs.

Features a masterful essay on the essence of prayer.

Segment from A Science Odyssey: "Origins."Geologists have calculated the age of Earth at 4.6 billion years.

But for humans whose life span rarely reaches more than 100 years, how can we be so sure of that ancient date?

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Even the Greeks and Romans realized that layers of sediment in rock signified old age.