Updating wii with wiikey

Posted by / 19-May-2020 23:29

It’s really hard to brick a Wii this way, but it could happen. It’s simply what it sounds like, a channel, much like the Netflix or Nintendo e Shop.

Region free capability for playing imported other region games. Wii D CONS - Using the wire install method is suggested as Quicksolder method requires greater precision. Be sure to regularly check the "DOWNLOAD" page for the latest firmware releases of your WIID!

There are also a number of other methods however, Letter Bomb works without a game and only on System Menu 4.3.

If you’re interested in learning more about each individual exploit, you can read about them on Wil

If it’s any version less than 4.3, then you can either try another exploit or update your Wii now.

Just make sure you update your Wii fully to the latest 4.3 update because after you run the exploit, you can’t update your Wii anymore (not that we expect Nintendo to issue anymore patches) because it will break any modifications you apply.

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After all, the warranty on your Wii is long expired, and you’re probably not doing anything with it anyway.