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He could and did give a commentary to the command pilot and crew of what he saw and what he was doing in steering the lead airplane and formation of bombers to the bomb release point, but only he – the lead bombardier – “knew for sure” what was viewed through that bombsight.

At 18,000 feet, it was forty (40) degrees below zero, but the bombardier never felt the cold as his fingers delicately operated the azmith and range controls. While the camera was recording the impact of the bombs, Lieutenant Mc Gregor took over and swung the formation to the outbound heading and the rally point.

Then it flew the wing triangular assembly pattern to Kings Lynn.

Leading the 14th Combat Wing, we fell into number two position of the 2nd Air Divisions bomber stream over Great Yarmouth.

It was our group’s fortieth mission; so we took it all in stride.

To most of us it meant another mission to be accomplished against a total of twenty-five – then back home to the safety of the ZI (Zone of Interior). The intelligence officer briefed on the importance of the big plant to German’s ability to carry on the air war; on the fact that it was heavily defended by big 88 and 110 millimeter anti-aircraft artillery like we faced over Bremen.

In Operation Argument the USAAF made sustained attacks on the German aircraft factories during the day, at the same time luring the Luftwaffe fighters into combat with the long range escort fighters of the USAAF.Then Piotage Navigator Kennedy in the nose turret observed the lead wing formations veering from the target heading.A fast and anxious cross-check with Lead Crew Navigator Swangren and with a recheck of compass heading and reference points, they assured Command Pilot Lorin Johnson that the target was “dead ahead”.The was a very significant dent in their capability, especially as Luftwaffe losses were largely irreplaceable, whereas the Allied bomber fleets continued to grow. Myron Keilman was flying deputy lead for the 392nd, on the raid that earned them the Distinguished Unit Citation.On the 24th they targeted the Messerschmitt airplane plant at Gotha: Our briefing for the attack on Gotha was at 0630 hours.

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Over the North Sea, the 3rd Air Division “Forts” were enroute to their Baltic coast targets.