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· If you are fetching a cursor to a list of variables, the variables should be listed in the same order in the fetch statement as the columns are present in the cursor.

General Form of using an explicit cursor is: In the above example, first we are creating a record ‘emp_rec’ of the same structure as of table ‘emp_tbl’ in line no 2.

Which variable type must be created in the PL/SQL block to retrieve all rows and columns using a single SELECT statement from the work table? You need to create a report to display the ship date and order totals of your inventory table.Which data dictionary view would you query to display the column?The privileges were granted on the schema that owns the worker table.114.We can also create a record with a cursor by replacing the table name with the cursor name.Second, we are declaring a cursor ‘emp_cur’ from a select query in line no 3 - 6.

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There are three divisions within your company and each division has at least one worker bonus program and at least one worker.