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Posted by / 29-Feb-2020 22:32

I encountered once an error (code 1006) but closing i Tunes and clicking “Convert” again resolved that.

I’ve found the resulting file(s) to be in excellent quality and conversion goes reasonably fast so I consider this a good way to remove i Tunes DRM from your movies and TV Shows.

Fair use proponents however claim that the law leaves room for making a private backup (in the US: DMCA or Digital Millenium Copyright Act).

But it’s all a matter of interpretation – so think for yourself before you act!

You should be able to watch the movie you purchased on your TV or any other non-Apple device!?

Isn’t this kind of protection promoting illegal downloads …?

It is your responsibility to be aware of these laws and comply to them. The movie industry in general does not want you to copy a DVD for any reason.

The next step is pretty obvious: select the movie(s) and/or TV-Show(s) you’d like to have remove i Tunes DRM from.

Note Burner does have batch capabilities so you can add more than one Movie and/or TV Show.

For those of you who buy their moves from i Tunes, you might run into a little snag when trying to view the movie (or rental) on your TV, Android devices or otherwise non-Apple device.

I even heard that playback from an Apple Mac Book (over VGA) to your TV doesn’t work. I fully understand the need for minimizing the illegal copying practices of music, movies and TV series, but come on!

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Simply pick what device you’d like to use for playback.