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Now we keep this booster in the car (very handy) and use a more powerful booster inside the RV. This booster is powerful enough at our current wild camping location in Michigan to take us from 1 bar “1x” signal to 3bars “3G” signal. This boost takes us from not being able to make calls or work on the internet from the RV to doing just that, we’ve even able to stream movies with the boost.

If you decide to go with the Sleek in your RV, you may want to purchase the home accessories kit as well. I couldn’t have updated this article from our current location without it.

Staying connected on the road is one of the biggest campfire discussions (right after the always fun black tank conversations) and it can be a total deal breaker for many travelers.

We recently (8/21/14) were able to upgrade my unlimited account thanks to RV Verizon specialist Ryan Maharg ([email protected]).The phone (or hotspot) must be in the cradle to boost.This was once our only booster and it got the job done but as time went on we realized we needed something more powerful for our very remote wild camping needs.The two most common hotspot recommendations are Verizon and AT&T.Recently plans are the cheapest they have ever been and they are pretty darn reliable.

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He understands the needs of RV’ers and knows all the great loopholes and discounts.

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