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This map has the Andites along the Oxus River and about the Aral Sea, a huge inland fresh water lake which would have invited any number of animals.

The Andites as a whole are one of the most important races (unknown to moderns) to have an impact on civilization.

For an in depth explanation of who the Andites are see page Andites had migrated east as far as the Tarmin Basin making contact with the Chinese.

Some were heading north along the Caspian to enter Europe. These were not warrior type conquests but rather more based on resettlement and Andite culture was dominant, and the steady migration toward Europe was continuously offset by new arrivals from Mesopotamia. The civilization of Turkestan was constantly being revived and refreshed by the newcomers from Mesopotamia, especially by the later Andite calverymen.

This is more than a story of a tree, a goddess and an immortal.

It is of a movement of people, language and culture and how we came to be.

The Urantia Book defines these people as a race which have been long absorbed to the various peoples of today. They were humorous, artistic, adventurous, inventive and musical. This is a secondary location for the earliest eastern and northern expansion of the Andites.

With the passing of the Andites no longer would the bloodline of the Adamites and Nodites be available to up step the peoples of the planet.The so-called Aryan mother tongue was in the process of formation in the highlands of Turkestan; it was a blend of the Andonic dialect of that region with the language of the Adamsonites and later Andites.Many modern languages are derived from this early speech of these central Asian tribes who conquered Europe, India, and the upper stretches of the Mesopotamian plains. three quarters of the Andite stock of the world was resident in northern and eastern Europe, and when the later and final exodus from Mesopotamia took place, sixty-five per cent of these last waves of emigration entered Europe." (Urantia Book p.Through all the twists and turns, ebbs and flows, this is our forgotten history, and it starts a long time ago.If you have arrived to this web page first before reading any of the others pages on this site then it would be helpful to read the introduction which has a link at the bottom of this page.

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For the Andites have the true first human aboriginal blood from creatures that looked upon the world with the first human eyes knowing they were different from all others.