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Toolstripstatuslabel not updating

The Grip Style property is used to show or hide the grip style.The Layout Style property as shown in Figure 8 represents the layout type of the grip.The Dock property of the Status Strip is used to set docking.A Status Strip control can be docked at top, bottom, left, right, or center. The Back Color property sets the background color of a Status Strip control.When you click on the Background Image property in the Property designer, you will see the Resource Editor that looks like Figure 5, where you can browse an image or use local resources using the Import button.The Text Direction is another useful property that was missing in the Status Bar control.The code snippet in Listing 1 creates a Status Strip control.Once a control is created, we need to set its properties and call Form. Add method to add the Status Strip control to a Form's controls.

If you click on the Items property of the Status Strip control, you will see Items Collection Editor where you can add, update, and delete the child controls.

If you click on the Items property, you will see the Item Collection Editor where you can select an item type from the Drop Down and click Add button to add the child control.

The Drop Down has four item types and these items are the Tool Strip Status Label, Tool Strip Progress Bar, Tool Strip Drop Down Button, and Tool Strip Split Button.

Figure 7 shows Verical90 text of a Status Strip control.

The sizing grip is a little sizing handle in the lower right corner of a control.

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We can set the Status Strip control properties using the Properties Window that looks like Figure 3.

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