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Toledo ohio blade dating

Nationwide, college-educated men and women of that age demographic made up 27 percent of the population in 2005 and 23 percent of Ohioans, according to census data.Yet in Toledo, just 17 percent of the population 25 and over had four-year college degrees.While a UT undergraduate, he said he found plenty of women whom he was interested in dating.But since graduation, each one of these young women along with most of his college friends have left the city, he said. But obviously, I m getting older every year and it s something I think about.

Nationwide it was 27 for men and also 25 for women.The survey was based mostly on statistics such as divorce rates, education levels, and gender ratios and focused in particular on the mating outlook for college-educated individuals. It may seem easy to shrug off the Men s Health rankings as a perhaps embarrassing but harmless product of amateurish demography.After all, why should most residents care about how many phone numbers Toledo s laptop-toting 26-year-olds are getting when they loosen their ties on Saturday nights?Yet the larger demographic trends behind the survey suggest that the shallow depth of Toledo s dating pool for educated professionals, who are the lifeblood of a global knowledge economy, may have far-reaching economic consequences for the area s overall economy.With few industry-leading businesses remaining in Toledo, a stagnant dating scene is one more reason for the highly mobile group of skilled and educated professionals to leave town.

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