Telugu sex free chat room in no register

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Telugu sex free chat room in no register

He plopped back onto his bed, laid back up against the wall and let out the biggest sigh of satisfaction.

After sitting there for a minute, he heard his mom shout from her room for him to come in.

He got up and looked for the nearest dirty shirt, he wiped himself clean then threw the shirt across the room into the corner.

He hears the door creek open and decides to ignore it thinking its nothing, and then he smells the smoke from her cigarette. ” She looks at him, but not in a disgusted way, all of a sudden she find herself overcome with arousal. Momma doesn’t care” “You don’t have to cover yourself” “But mom” “No buts, its fine.

His eyes open to find his mom standing in his door way in her bra and a skirt that she hasn’t changed out of yet. Let mommy see what your doing” Jake slowly removes the pillow to reveal his massive erection, hot and throbbing.

He crawled across the bed until he was on his hands and knees over his mother.

She reached down and started rubbing his cock through his shorts, she could feel him contracting his cock trying to keep control of himself and not cum too early again.

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She had only been jerking him off for about a minute when suddenly he tensed up and took a deep breath.

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