Speed dating rome italy

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Speed dating rome italy

Italy's reputation as a nation of scofflaws may actually be starting to change.The fact that an automatic camera can sense a speeder, snap a photograph of your license plate, send a message to a computer with the data, then automatically issue you a ticket—even if, while this is happening, every cop in town is just sitting around the station eating the proverbial doughnut—means if you speed, expect to get a fine in the mail. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, any unpaid tickets will eventually find their way to you via the car rental agency, which will merely provide the local municipality with your address, then automatically charge your credit card a whopper of a fee for their troubles (on the order of –).Trenitalia's high-speed trains are called Alta Velocità (AV), and are broken down into three categories: Frecciarossa (“Red Arrow”), Frecciargente (“Silver Arrow”), and Frecciabianca (“White Arrow”).Frecciarossa trains are the fastest of these, reaching speeds of up to 190 MPH (300 km/h).I'm talking about keeping to the right (slow) lane on multi-lane highways.Do not just cruise along in the left lane on a four-lane highway.Most Italian drivers are much more aggressive than American ones. Italian road rules are similar enough to American ones that you'll get by fine. Assume the other drivers have a better idea of what they're doing than you do, and take your hints from them. 803-116 to get the services of the Automobile Club d'Italia, or ACI (it)—the Italian equivalent to AAA.Even if you are not a member, you can still call them 24/7/265 in case of emergency or breakdown by the side of the road.

Tickets can be purchased online from the websites of the two companies, at your local travel agency or at the ticket offices of the railway stations.

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The Italian high-speed rail network allows moving easily throughout the peninsula and to reach various Italian cities comfortably in just a few hours, taking advantage of numerous on-board services such as free Wi-Fi, catering service, assistance for the disabled, unaccompanied children's service, pet and bicycle transport.

These routes make it possible to consider day trips from Milan to Rome or Rome to Naples despite the great distances.

Italy's high-speed trains help evoke the 19-century speeds.

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