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The third[3] may be described as a commonplace book, for the most part written during the first years of his practice at the bar and his early married life, but it also contains some notes of travel in Fife, the Lothians, and the Merse in continuation of those in Ms.

H., and a list of the books which he bought and their prices, brought down to a late period of his life.

But whilst I regret that they should have been so forgotten, inasmuch as they might have contributed to aid or lessen yours, I beg to assure you, that every other feeling is absorbed in that of the satisfaction I am now impressed with in learning that you have taken Lord Fountainhall under your fostering care, as I am well aware that, independent of the honor done him and his family by his name being coupled with that of Sir Walter Scott, there does not now, and perhaps there never will, exist any individual who could elucidate him so happily as your high talents and your deep research in the historical anecdote of your country must enable you to do.

I am naturally very desirous to see your publication, of which I cannot procure a copy from the booksellers here.

Gale is an imprint of The Gale Group, Inc., a division of Thomson Learning, Inc. In May 1816, whilst engaged here in arranging and retranscribing the materials I had collected for the work in the order of a Journal, I met with a little difficulty about the word FORRES, which the sense of the passage led me to read FORREST, meaning ETTRICK FORREST. Knowing that you were the best source from which true information on such subjects was to be drawn, and presuming upon your former kindness, I again addressed you, 23rd May 1816, begging to know whether I was right in my conjecture. You did me the honor to write me an immediate reply, in which you stated that you knew of no other MSS. Lo ——­, professor of music in Oxford 168, 172, 173. Lockhart, sir George, xxx, xxxvii, 212, 222, 224, 276, 308. but those I had mentioned, and you conclude by saying, that you were glad to hear that I was busying myself in a task which would throw much light on the history of Scotland. ——­ sir James, of Lee, lord justice clerk, 185 and n, 218, 219; death of, 223.

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The second,[2] though a small volume, contains several distinct portions.

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