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Sex chat no members or logins

If you post content on another user’s wall, the content will be treated according to the other users privacy settings. Time 2011-05-26 UTC User Susi Normal (22299004477) Text *yay* for @[9922663388: Peter Normal]! Time 2011-05-26 UTC The data sets we got from facebook included random posts that were deleted by the user.

This means that they might be visible for everyone on the internet! But facebook is now holding much more informations than the communists ever had and all of it is saved within the US, a country with no sufficient privacy laws! Facebook is also saving phone numbers that other users have uploaded (e.g. i am from eastern Germany, so I remember my parent’s stories about the communist regime. It is unclear if and where information is saved that facebook gathered about the user from other users (e.g. These files should still give everyone a certain idea of the structure and extent of data processed by Facebook. If a user ‘requests’ it, the account is first deactivated and is then deleted after a 14 day period. Logs all activations/deactivations of an account, including date and time. This shows the address that the user typed into his/her profile.

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twitter, youtube or skype) that have been linked to your facebook account. By doing so, they get a list of every computer that someone has logged onto facebook and all users that have used this computer.