Self liquidating offer

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Self liquidating offer

NOTE: You do not have to file this form for the costs you will be spending for the court fees and Sheriff’s fees for the current Writ of Execution you are requesting. However, if you are claiming costs for a previous Writ or other costs spent to collect your judgment, you must wait 10 days after a copy of the Memorandum of Costs is mailed or given to the judgment debtor before those costs can be added to the current Writ of Execution you are requesting.

You need to get a writ before you can use any of the 5 collection methods listed below.

If you win at trial or by default and the judgment says the other person owes you money or property, you are the "judgment creditor." The person who lost is called the "judgment debtor." Documents may be electronically filed (e Filed).

Pursuant to section 1010.6 of the Code of Civil Procedure, rule 2.253(b)(2) of the California Rules of Court, Orange County Superior Court Rule 352, and Administrative Order 13/03, all documents filed by attorneys in limited, unlimited, and complex civil actions must be filed electronically unless the Court rules otherwise.

See the next section "How To Request a Bench Warrant".

If the judgment debtor has been served with an Application and Order for Appearance and Examination (see above "Hearing to Disclose Assets"), their appearance at the hearing is mandatory.

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If the judgment debtor does not appear, the judge may order a bench warrant for their arrest.

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