Sarah mclachlan dating brett wilson

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Sarah mclachlan dating brett wilson

CAROL: Did you use treatments other than conventional ones?BRETT WILSON: I worked with a healer, a naturopathic doctor, and an acupuncturist and was very open to complementary modalities. Peter Scardino’s is a well written, balanced point of view. The earlier you catch it the more options you have, but in my (advanced) case I felt that I didn’t have a choice in my options. But no one should have to worry that they’ve chosen badly. BRETT WILSON: You take a closer look at your own mortality.BRETT WILSON: I attended The Meadows, a well-known addiction and trauma treatment centre in Arizona, to deal with issues surrounding work addiction.There I realized that the cost it had on my relationships wasn’t worth it.I knew changing my priorities wasn’t going to be easy, and if changes were to be sustainable, they would be evolutionary rather than revolutionary.My wife felt that type of change wouldn’t be enough to sustain us, so our marriage ended.I feel that western medicine is fairly closed minded to alternative therapies, yet those practising alternative therapies are fairly open to all forms of treatment. After living through cancer, it’s a rare person who wouldn’t come to the conclusion that there is more to life than the life you were leading. BRETT WILSON: Twenty years ago my wife and I began giving 1 percent of our pre-tax income to charity, and, appreciating how good it felt, realized that we could afford to increase that.Within the medical system I became very frustrated: two professional groups – one supporting surgery and the other radiation therapy – were arguing, both convinced that if I didn’t use their treatment methodology, I was going to die. This, like a major injury or death in the family, becomes a wakeup call. Over time we became more involved and it became more interesting.

We went in July 2010, so I trained for that and for a biathlon with my daughter that June. Last month was fabulous for fitness; this month is terrible, since I’m traveling most of the month.CAROL: Why did you decide to go public with your cancer story?BRETT WILSON: I couldn’t disappear from the workforce to have treatments without telling others.Using unique ways to make our contributions known to them became a branding opportunity.It’s a matter of being a little more creative at distributing funds. BRETT WILSON: It’s the pace I keep, and the amount of travelling I do.

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I wasn’t embarrassed by it, and spoke about it publicly because, particularly with prostate cancer, awareness is the key to early detection.

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