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If you don't need to get data from the user, than yes you can do the Data Bind in the Page Load event.But if you need to get data from the user for updating purposes then, no, you should do it in the Page Pre Render event instead.

What you would have to do is implement a method that handles the Grid View. In this method you will have to retrieve the data from the row that is updating and use this data to update your database.i want to say one more thing i call the display method at the end of every event which i handled onrowupdating event after performing all operation i call display method at the end.This way you don't have to repopulate the data source every page postback.This saves time but it depends on how long you can tolerate "old data" being displayed.

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@Frinavale Now I get the answer your mean is that when we bind the data at page load event.

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