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Even Grant, who left because she was feeling unchallenged, believes it is ridiculous to complain that the show is light."Rove is for people who come home tired from work and they don't want to think about their mortgages, the cost of their kids' schooling, their jobs.

His walls are covered with movie posters, photos of him and Emmett with Hollywood stars such as Sylvester Stallone, and a bizarre print of his hero, Bert Newton, in the guise of Mona Lisa. "It's our awards night and I think people should embrace it.

Capurro claimed Ten executives had seen a video of his performance and knew exactly what they were getting, but Mc Manus toed the network line, distancing himself from Capurro.

Mc Manus founded Roving Enterprises in 1999, ensuring that he owns the shows he produces, which include merchandise such as mugs, T-shirts and caps.

Yet, Mc Manus's treasure chest of Logies doesn't convince everyone.

His old-school, variety-show humour divides people. But his defenders say that criticising him because he's not edgy enough is missing the point.

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But reputations are hard to dodge and the one that Mc Manus has acquired over the years is for being slick but uninspiring.

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