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Relative dating practice

This map displays the large-scale (also called "regional") geologic features they have inferred are present beneath the landscape.

Along with these geologic maps, we can reconstruct a regional geologic cross-section which would be like a great "geologic slice" through the landscape.

All 13 lettered events need to be included in your sequence.

Question 4: Using the relative dating method you have now practiced, derive the history of the hypothetical landscape on page 173 (also shown below).

What principle(s) of relative dating did you use in order to arrive at your interpretation of the relative timing of each event?When did all this faulting take place (that is, between the times of which two sedimentary layers did the faulting occur)? Notice the "Great Angular Unconformity" shown on the North Half of the profile.This is not labeled as such -- but see how the rocks at the bottom of the profile have been tilted while the younger rocks on top are horizontal.Question 2: What is the sequence of events that can be inferred from the above cross-section?The two intrusions are labeled as X and Z; the surrounding rock (called the "country rock") is labeled as D.

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