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This represented the earliest breakup of the American continent.In the Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous era, the flows began to move in a southerly and southeasterly direction. At the western edge of Pangea, the sediment flow from the center highlands of the continent at the eastern end of the present Mediterranean Sea, would have been to the west-southwesterly direction.The plant and animal life, the sediment deposition, the placing of the Paleozoic seas give us a geographical picture of the world of the pre-flood Patriarchs.

What they have found to date, the currents flowing across North America flowed in a stable southwesterly direction throughout the Paleozoic era.the days of Immanuel Velikovsky in the 1950s when he wrote about the cyclical nature of major catastrophes in the Bible and other world myths, other scientific disciplines have begun to consider major catastrophes and extinctions as a part of the history of this planet.Some scientists have suggested that there is a , with a major die off every 26 million years or so.At the time of the KT extinction disaster, when the asteroid collided into the Yucatan are and the Gulf of Mexico was carved out, it was in the Upper Cretaceous era. This concurs with the Biblical picture of the flow patterns of the Rivers of Eden.Then the Flood hit the face of the earth and all the earth was inundated.

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When evidence began to show up in the Pemex wells in Mexico City, depicting the smoking gun for the KT impact, the scientific community took notice.

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