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The biracial population represents 2.9% of the US total at present, and the study notes that this could increase to over 20% by the year 2050.

Among other lines of inquiry, the researchers looked to test the assumption that because of their mixed background, biracial individuals would be more likely to date outside of their race than monoracial individuals.

By contrast, about one-fifth of moderate white men state a “nice to have” same-race preference.

I realize that I live in a bubble — likely exacerbated by the fact that I’m part of the one-third of Asians who married outside my race — but still, I find the number of women willing to explicitly state a same-race preference remarkably high.

People may prefer same-race relationships for reasons as diverse as religious beliefs, social or cultural expectations, a sense of shared identity, or race-related physical attributes.

Though explicit racism is likely also a factor — as highlighted by the backlash against Cheerios for airing a commercial featuring an interracial couple — it is by no means the only one.

For example, if a white user stated that a white mate would be “nice to have”, we logged that as a same-race preference.

With Valentine’s Day two weeks away, there’s still plenty of time to find your soul mate.

But daters beware: nearly 50 years after the Supreme Court ruled bans on interracial marriage unconstitutional, race still matters.

One worry with relying on stated preferences is that they may not accurately reflect one’s true preferences.

Liberals, for example, may feel guilty about explicitly declaring they prefer a partner of the same race; and men perhaps simply don’t want to preemptively narrow the pool of candidates.

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[1] See, for example, What Makes You Click: Mate Preferences in Online Dating by Hitsch, Hortaçsu, and Ariely.

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