Ps2 dating

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Ps2 dating

Hearing this, a drunken Ash babbles on about his remark, and also about his fights with the Deadites and how he had to amputate his own right hand.

He manages to convince the chief of police to let him past after acquiring a police I. from a fallen officer and a chainsaw in the lumber yard.

However, he discovers that the television station's gates are locked and jammed solid so that Ash cannot open them even with the key, and the station itself is on lockdown, and only the doorman has the key, and he went to the Kitten Club to "die with a smile on his face".

The chief allows him in after he uses dynamite to blow up the Deadites in the club's backlot.

Ash goes outside to check out the seriousness of the situation, and it's pretty bad: Deadites are roaming around town, transforming civilians into Deadites themselves, and the local police are apparently going to great lengths to stop them.

Ash decides to check out the KLA2 station, since that's where the trouble began, and get more weapons as well, as he is almost out of shotgun ammo.

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When he returns to the church, he discovers that the door has been broken in, the preacher has been killed, and Trisha and Eldridge are missing.