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I think I have the craziest job in the world, but it’s very rewarding. Even at parties, I’m mentally noting people’s likes and dislikes,” she laughs, “I’m always doing a mental Rolodex of matches in my head.”Even so, not everyone is “marketable,” both women say.

Faubert rules out “anyone who is really angry with life or wants to meet someone rapidly after divorce,” while Miller says she looks for clients “who are in a good place in their life.

VIS-À-VIS is a new and modern approach to meeting other quality singles in your city. We introduce you to people you want to meet and wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to.

We’ve taken our successful recipe for connecting singles in group settings, changed a couple of magical ingredients and voilà: VIS-À-VIS saw the light of day.

He knows what she looks like because he’s seen her picture on the online dating site, Lavalife. Seven years after his first-ever match, he is still with his partner.“I tried online a few times.

Instead, a woman he’s never seen before tentatively walks over to him. He walked out.“With online dating, you find all sorts of people who tell mistruths. It’s not just going through a divorce, the healing, finding someone and the time that takes,” says the divorced 51-year-old office manager. It really is emotionally stressful.”So much so that, like an increasing number of professionals who have the money and interest but not the time to look for a committed relationship, he hired a professional matchmaker to do the legwork for him.

A matchmaker is also trained to ask the right questions to get to the heart of who you are and what you’re looking for, adds Marie-Claude Faubert, owner of Ottawa’s It’s A Match agency.

I’d be there for a few weeks, then meet someone socially, go back online.

I had a client tell me she’d been on 100 dates in four months and nothing had worked out.

Online, you can be really attractive and still be overlooked.

Clients of VIS-À-VIS are excited to take control of their dating life with their own personal matchmaker, someone who is always on the lookout for new people to introduce you to.

It’s important to understand that we cannot guarantee chemistry on a date.

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Chemistry is something that needs to be We hope so as much as you!

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