Problem with updating super genie vijeo citect Camadultsex

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Problem with updating super genie vijeo citect

This could be a problem with some underlying Cicode, an error on the Super Genie, or something similar. If shows # A S S and can't be clicked to enter set point value. I was using VMWave, a program similar to virtual PC. :whistle: Thats why its always worth metioning your exact test setup at first !From the Citect help file for the A S S statememt: You must call this function once for every Super Genie substitution string in the Super Genie, otherwise the variable (substitution string) will remain uninitialized and it will be displayed as # A S SSo, what should I do to get it initialize so that I can key in some value to do the testing? Correct, if it shows # A S S its not going to work. refers to 6th association that you have somewhere in Cicode. p ***(-2, 6, s Tag6, 0); Somewhere in your cicode you will need to have put a valid tagname into s Tag6. Further Clarification: I could have alter settings for vijeo citect. Or might be the instability of VMWave to render the project. I could have told you the cirtual machine would be a bit flakey with Citect !Find out what is in s Tag6 and make sure you have a variable tag that matches this EXACTLY. There are several reasons where you can run into problems with creating associations for super genies. You have not called the *** function correctly or not at all before displaying the super genie page.You must display the super genie by calling one of the *** functions.Without reading the manual, my first guess would be the number is too large for the display. If shows # A S S and can't be clicked to enter set point value.Other HMIs display #### or **** or some combination when a number is too big. Even if I did, the back-up restore should have render everything back to the initial state but still, I can't have it show 0.00 in the text input..In Citect explorer , go View - Data Folder and delete all the trend history there.Since you are using Page Info i assume you are calling the function using a Cicode object on the page.

Hope this helps, Regards, Hi Gary, thanks for the reply but all environment variables are empty in both versions, I am using the fx below to set the pens am I just missing something with the code?For example you have called Ass Pop Up("Page Name", "PV123"); when the tag PV123 does not exist in the variables database.If the tag does exist in the variables database check that you have [GENERAL]Tag DB=1 enabled.This option defaults to 1 and must be set in the CITECT. You will have to recomple your database if you change this option. The data type of the tag you have passed to the *** function is not the same as the type defined in the super genie. If you pass a tag off a different data type to the super genie the association will fail.When you create a super genie the type of each association is defined in the super genie as ? For example if you pass a tag of type REAL to a super genie number of INT the association will fail.

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