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Cherry Blossoms was started over 43 years ago as a picture personals magazine.In 1995, our magazine gave way to a terrific website where men and women seeking relationships could easily find True Love online, by publishing their photos and personal ads. You can join for free today and view thousands of profiles with pictures.There’s an outdoor Shakespeare theater called the Theatricum Botanicum and a restaurant called Inn of the Seventh Ray. Of course, there were questions of safety and practicality at play—and I’m fortunate to have found an incredible home with lovely people close at hand. Particularly the kitchen, since I will finally—FINALLY—have a kitchen I can shoot in. The blood orange juice reduces to the most vibrant fuchsia red concentrate while the brownies bake, and the frosting whips together in just a few minutes.The addition of orange blossom water makes these extra dreamy. VARIATIONS: My favorite vegan fudge brownies (from Laura Wright's The First Mess) are topped with a luscious layer of tangy blood orange blossom frosting. And yes, I know I don’t need a valentine to buy me roses; I get them for half off in the discount floral section of Ralphs Grocery every week, thank you very much. So let me break it down: Right now (and for the past nearly eight years), I’ve lived in a city.

It is our attention to detail and high level of service that ensures your whole dining experience at The Orange Tree will be truly memorable. I look out my windows and see some wise old sycamore trees, some gaunt palm trees, and a sea of concrete: streets, sidewalks, apartment buildings, fire stations, fire escapes, concrete, asphalt, steel, metal, city. I’ve gotten rather good at giving myself gifts, which is why this next announcement I have to share is particularly exciting for me. It’s something I thought I’d only do when I had a partner, but I got impatient. First in San Francisco, and then in West Hollywood. I went to Vermont last October and almost didn’t come back. As you know if you’ve been a regular reader, this has been a challenge of varying degrees for me over the past couple years in particular.

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