Online dating sites for truck drivers

Posted by / 17-Oct-2020 21:04

If you were to start seeing someone, you will tell them what you do at some point, so why not do it now.

I would much rather see trucker in the profession slot than something like, "I have one." When I see that comment or similar in a profile, I stop reading right Oscar, where did you find truck driver threads?

If I'm married to a trucker who's on the road, who's going to care for our children while I'm at work late at night and he's on the road?

This wouldn't happen all the time that I'd be working late, but from what I understand about trucking, if they actually want to make any money, they're going to be gone most of the time.

That would make me feel dishonest somewhat, but omission is not lying, right?? There are certain things that in the past I've omitted untill I've gotten to know someone...example-I live in a trailer. I am sure you are a nice guy though and not all truckers are bad.^^^^I bet I've been hit on by lawyers and doctors, too, but I wouldn't lump them all into a "horny cheating guys" category.

People just assume I am some white trash hillbilly when they hear that-nevermind the fact that I OWN my trailer outright and it's nicer than most of the houses I've seen. I don't see why it would be an a job, a good job, and you obviously enjoy it. Just point out the good points, like you are home quite a bit, etc.totally off topic: love the name on the boat! I do not doubt that SOME truckers are hornyy cheating bratstards.

And I'm not going to lie just to get more dates as it will probably end up way worse in the end.

I mean what do you think a woman's reaction will be after she gets to know and like you when you come out and say 'Oh by the way, I'm a trucker.

I've had men tell me they don't want to date me because I'm a student and I've had other men tell me they don't want to date me because I want to be a lawyer and they are either intimidated by that or they don't have a good opinion of lawyers.

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OK you all have been so much help that I gotta ask this one.

What I'm wondering is should I leave that information out of my profile?

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So does that mean some of these women wouldn't date a pilot? My exsister-in-law learned to drive transport just so she could be with him.

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