Online dating services comparison consumer reports

Posted by / 30-May-2020 16:00

Online dating services comparison consumer reports

If you're single and actively dating, this year's Valentine's Day may have been your crummiest yet.And not for the usual reasons like lack of chemistry or the person being nothing like their profile promised — but because of whom they voted for, and what political positions they support.To meet the needs of all these daters, many online dating services have been created.Each brings to the table a unique perspective, target audience, or feature set that appeals to various segments of the dating market. As the largest dating site (with over 15 million members), finding someone to meet is virtually assured."Several report high anxiety and difficulty sleeping and others report how their sex life is pretty much non-existent because they're just so distraught.""Usually people can keep their political views to themselves but with this past election being so contentious and polarizing​ that's hard to do," added Alpert.

Born in 2000, e Harmony was one of the first dating sites around; it charges a membership fee, is dedicated to making not only matches but marriages, and was founded by Christian psychologist Neil Clark Warren."e Harmony does tend to get people who favor religion, and when there’s discord, religion serves a purpose for many looking to heal," said April Masini, relationship expert and advice columnist.

That said, misery loves company and comfort is found in like-minded people — so there lies potential for romance."If you are up for dating and feel strongly that your partner's politics must match yours, perhaps the best thing you can do is to make your stance abundantly clear on your dating profiles.

But you may want to brace yourself for some ugly backlash — especially if you're a liberal in a red state.

Earlier this month, the dating service Coffee Meets Bagel surveyed 1,320 users and found that the majority of singles say politics are impacting their quest for love.

Seventy percent of single Democrats said that politics are affecting their dating life "slightly" to "profoundly," compared with 55 percent of single Independents, and 43 percent of single Republicans.

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Heather Wilkerson, a single Democrat in Iowa, wears her political feelings on her sleeve, literally."My profile picture on the dating sites I am on is very, very liberal," Wilkerson said.