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He tells the twins that he also made a homicidal Pterodactyl robot when his wife left him, and an 80-ton 'shame bot' when his friend Ernie didn't come to his retirement party.

Determined to return his sanity and eradicate the experience from his mind, he utilized his genius ability to invent a memory erasing gun, permanently relieving him of his nightmares.

In the midst of his work, he received contact from Ford, who sought his mechanical genius in constructing a transuniversal poly-dimensional metavortex beneath his home in Gravity Falls, Oregon.

Albeit with hesitation as to whether the device would be feasible to construct, Fiddleford agreed, leaving his wife and young son behind to set out for the sleepy hamlet.

Though his experience within the device was brief (as Ford had rescued him shortly thereafter), Fiddleford returned horrified with the visions he had endured while inside (specifically, Bill Cipher removing his exoskeleton to feed), predicting that an apocalyptic catastrophe would occur should the portal reach its full potential.

This was due in part to getting a glimpse of the Nightmare Realm.

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