Office communicator presence not updating

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Other than various minor hotfix updates the systems have been basically unchanged since the initial hardware release.

But in January 2012 Polycom will begin to discontinue sales of the standard CX5000 unit and replace it with a new HD-capable device called the CX5000 HD.

There are two different supported methods to providing updates to the devices: a manual one-off process and a more centralized distribution method.

There is very little documentation out there regarding the centralized method as it was only available for the Round Table back in the OCS 2007 release which leveraged the complicated Windows Software Updates Services approach.

This second process will generally take about ten minutes depending on the speed of the USB bus used as the bulk of the firmware data is in this 32Mb package.

The operation and features of the various models are basically all the same, each device can be used with either the Live Meeting application or a Lync 2010 client for embedded panoramic video, while the active-speaker video window can be used with some unsupported applications as it can operate as a single camera USB device.As of the writing of this article Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud service offering does not support any stand-alone third-party video conferencing solutions primary due to the difference in authentication protocols used between on-premises deployments of Lync (NTLM/Kerberos/TLS-DSK) and O365 (ADFS).Because the CX5000 require use of a Windows Lync client then it can be used by normal O365 accounts.There is little known information on some of the earlier RTM updates and Microsoft also started using two different version numbers in later updates which can be confusing.For example the Microsoft Download page might display “6362.207” as the package version, but once installed the firmware version is reported by the device itself as “1.5.4105.0”.

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Based on various comments posted to this article it seems like the command line utility is very finicky and does not appear to behave consistently.

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