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Thank you, Richard, for all your generously shared knowledge. Margaret MILLS née MEAD Bill & Steve, Bill, you finished your article with an ‘afterword’ that triggered a memory.The notion that the size of the ‘new’ pool had, somehow, been bungled was very wide-spread at the time. The truth is that the pool wasn’t built to Olympic specification in the first place; there was no miscalculation.Barry RYDER Hi Esther Regarding Stan Gerula, I am a Leyton Orient supporter and I remember Stan when he played for the Orient.He was born in Poland in 1924 and came to the Orient from CARPATHIANS in 1948 and he was Orients goalkeeper for 15 games in season 1948/9 and 15 games in 1949/50 before departing to Walthamstow Avenue.The following is his story: Bayliss - Wstow Ave - Stan Happy new year, Bill BAYLISS Thanks Barry, now that you mention it, I seem to remember there being a fire late in '66 which started in the cafe and caused one of the observation windows to break, shutting the pool for a while.I've tried looking it up online but with no success - I'll rely on other peoples memories to correct me!

I earned my ‘width’ and ‘length’ ribbons there under the tutelage of the terrifying ‘Mr. The place was like an ice-box, the floors were slippery and dangerous and the communal changing-room was a large, soulless, tiled room that would have made an abattoir seem welcoming.I can still taste the Bovril sold in the tiny cafe before going over to the chip shop opposite if Mum had given me enough money!Happy (seemingly) days Steve JOHNSON I was so sorry to read the sad news about the recent passing of Richard Dunn.I remember Stan as a fearless goalkeeper who always played with his sleeves rolled up and I was very Sad when he left the Orient to join the Avenue. Len BASSETT Hi Bill, Reading your piece about the ‘new pool’ brought back many memories to me, but I think you’re mistaken with the year that it opened, as in 1965 I was swimming for the Walthamstow Swimming Club and won 2 trophies in the club championships at the ‘old’ baths in the High Street. Sorry to be such a pedant Best Wishes Steve JOHNSON Thanks Brian, Good to hear from you.My interest in Walthamstow is entirely focussed on the Lestor family.

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  1. Instead Mark, Matthew, and Luke were all living in a time “One of the oddest facts about the New Testament is that what on any showing would appear to be the single most dateable and climactic event of the period – the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70, and with it the collapse of institutional Judaism based on the temple – is never once mentioned as a past fact.