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Without reentrancy this would mean a deadlock, as shown in the download.

by default, the completion callback of an asynchronous WCF call comes in on a thread from the thread pool.

If the service were to allow to call back to its client it could result with a deadlock if the client will call to the service as a result of the callback to the client.

To allow callbacks, you need to configure the service for reentrancy – that is, release the lock before the callback, as show in the demo.

To download demonstrates the required code changes, as well as where to place the fault contracts.

The reason is that by default the service uses single-threaded access – only one client is allowed to call it at a time.

In fact, nothing prevent you from having multiple UI threads, each with its own set of Forms and services, as shown in the download.

While the main motivation for reentrancy configuration is callbacks, it has its use in with cyclic calling: Service A calling B calling C calling back into A.

This is strictly a client-side feature, and the service itself is completely unaware that it is being called asynchronously.

The client obviously needs a way to be notified when the calls complete and be able to harvest returned values or catch exceptions.

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