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Narcoleptic dating

I did manage to get a degree but, unfortunately, it was in dance which I don't have any interest in anymore... About four years ago, after trying to find happiness by changing locations (something I have tried many times), I came back to my parents completely defeated.

I still made a couple of escape attempts after that but none of them were successful. Life coach, career counselor, psychiatrist, psychologist, church, yoga, meditation, you name it, I have tried it.

I have read so many "self help" and "find your calling" books it is ridiculous. I usually don't stay consistent with anything, though right now I am attempting to form a consistent relationship with a psychologist.

I do have some practical plans right now which I am not terribly excited about but I do see as a way to solve some of my problems (CNA route to nursing school).

I have generally made poor decisions in most facets of my life.

My hope, my belief, my trust, my always seeing a shred of good in even the worst, the "things will work out in the end" light in my dark. I've compartmentalized myself into about a patch work quilt and now that I'm aged I can attest to having my first real mid- life crisis hasn't been easy nor good for the job I am clinging to with white knuckles.I really am a cool, funny, into music, art and clothing..nice in general but I cannot find friends that are deep or seem to understand me at all.I am very isolated and feel unappreciated by my family. Though when I was living in Portland, OR, people were more open to me than they are here in the south.I would like to get back out there but it seems impossible. If you have anything to share that might help, I would appreciate it. I also have gone through similar things in life, but I have found out that a good person to share with and patience.Also time does help, Myself I also suffer from anxiety, depression, and a boatful of anger.

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With me as I got older the symptoms seemed to quiet down.

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