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I feel that my opinion matters and that I’m not just another number like at so many large corporations. Kontras The most difficult part about this industry is not being able to make everyone happy.Some people are negative, or don’t have realistic expectations. They want you to sell relationships to people by saying "We have 3 people in mind for you right now"...we have no one in mind for you, and have to randomly grab files to try and pitch them to you.The leadership team provides a resource that makes such a difference for both clients and employees.

Everyone enjoys working together and helping one another.

It really is the little things that can make a difference.

Pros-Every day is different which makes it exciting!

I work out of the IJL Midwest headquarters and around the executive staff.

I have never been apart of a company where the leadership team shows up for their employees when life gets hard or to celebrate their employees when life is good. The workday is never boring and it is fun to see when clients find success and to know that we are apart of that.

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If you’re willing to work hard and believe that love makes a difference then IJL Midwest is truly a great place to work.

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