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Kilian Jornet, who made his first attempt on the mountain in September 2016, reached the summit of the mountain (8,848m), via the north face, following the traditional route in a single climb.The ascent, which forms part of his Summits of my Life project, is said to be the fastest known climb of the mountain.

From then on I made slow progress and had to keep stopping to recover.” The AFP said the China Tibet Mountaineering Association, which validates all Everest summits on the north side of the mountain, could not be reached to confirm Mr Jornet’s feat.

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Reuters said that most climbers take two to three weeks to summit Mount Everest and fewer than 200 people have summited without oxygen.

Meanwhile, several other climbers, including two Sherpas, claim to have climbed it in less than half of Mr Jornet’s time but those records remain unofficial and disputed.

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“We believe Kilian established a new fastest known time for the route (from) Everest Base Camp,” Laura Front, a spokesperson for Mr Jornet told the AFP.