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If you eat the local Thai food at the basic Thai restaurants around town you will be spending 40-100 baht per meal.

Accommodation, food, transport, alcohol / lady drinks and entertainment (girls). You will stay up late most of the nights, and sleep past the hotel breakfast. 😛 Lets put accommodation in the middle and say that you will be spending 1500 baht per day on accommodation.If you want to explore the islands outside Pattaya (Koh Lan and Koh Phai). That trip will cost you 100 – 150 baht if you follow this guide.If we round this up you should not need to spend more than 200 baht per day on average.However, if you are spending some time in Bangkok and want to have some fun with the local girls I strongly suggest checking out Smooci.Smooci is an escort booking platform which is being dubbed the uber of getting laid.

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For this guide, lets just say that you will stay in Pattaya your entire trip.