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(Titanic Sinclair, her creator-handler-director figure, is played by the 30-year-old Corey Mixter.) Poppy’s voice has the soothing affect of an A. If Poppy is a person who acts like a robot, Lil Miquela is a C. Now she has her own side hustle, too, a series of clubby singles featuring her heavily Auto-Tuned voice.

Poppy’s You Tube videos have been viewed more than 257 million times, and now her persona is permeating the culture: She’s logged a “Today” show appearance, a Times Square billboard, a Comedy Central Snapchat series and a Sanrio sponsorship.

She doesn’t say much, but in a rare phone interview posted on You Tube, a woman calling herself Miquela parried a question about her fakeness with a provocation: “Can you name one person on Instagram who does not digitally edit their photos?

”Though the field of artificial intelligence is bent on creating robots that seem realistic — ones that can pass the Turing test by persuasively mimicking human beings in conversation — the subfield of fembot creation seems more fixated on creating something physically perfect but mentally deficient.

Followers of Poppy, Lil Miquela and Kylie Jenner can be consumed by the mysteries of their origin stories. Is Lil Miquela based on a mysterious real woman’s photographs, or was she materialized out of nothing?

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