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Is lilfizz dating

Ray J is still whining about losing Princess, and he’s pulling out all the stops in hopes of making her come back to him. He is all in as far as a relationship goes, but Ray’s not all in as far as Dabo’s (#allin #BYOG #Go Tigers) standards go.Princess knows that Ray can be unpredictable, but she’s hoping he realizes why she needed to slow things down in the first place. Princess cites that she is not ready to move into a new house unless Ray can promise her that it will be hers forever. Ray isn’t about to convey his latest property over to Princess, but he lies and tells her that it’s in the works.Teairra takes offense to Ray’s accusation that she was only interfering to get him back in her bed.She calls him a liar, but she fails to come up with another logical reason for inserting herself into their relationship. Last night was the season finale of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. The episode begins as Moniece and Rich Dollaz are having a date night, and she applauds him for his civil meeting with Lil’ Fizz.Rich describes Ray as a one-man creep show which is epic.Ray jokes that he is excited to have some single friends, but wait!

Even back-to-school shopping is more than just backpacks and tiny jeans.Willie has a wife and he needs to be a stand-up husband.Plus, Rich is dating Moniece, and Ray is worried that if he helps Rich stray, he’ll get stabbed.Moniece is happy to oblige but she’s confused by the emotions that are starting to resurface, especially given how much she loves Rich Dollaz.She presses Fizz about his dating life, and when Moniece learns he’s seeing Nikki, she realizes he’s just going for the low hanging fruit.

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Ray J is still moping over his break-up Princess, so he seeks advice from his friend Max. Last night’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was all about man power.

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