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Intimidating wiki

The two sides start their battle, and Goku is overwhelmed by the two's combination attacks.When Caulifla tries to attack Goku, he uses the Solar Flare to blindside her and cause her to crash.While Goku fires a Kamehameha, he shatters the ring around them, but the two are enveloped by a strange glow.With the birth of a new warrior, Kefla, she makes her way back to the ring.With her brute power, Kale pushes Goku back, angry that Caulifla couldn't land her attack on Goku.

Caulifla, realizing she's no match on her own, tells Kale to take out "that thing" they received before the tournament.While Kale is struggling against her blast, Caulifla tries to run from hers, noticing it's tracking her.Kale deflects her blast, but watches as Caulifla takes a direct hit.Goku flips, causing Kale to crash on the ground and let go of him, and then attempts to use Instant Transmission, but Caulifla uses her senses to attack Goku as he reappears.Goku acknowledges Kale and Caulifla as the perfect tag team, then transforms into Super Saiyan God.

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Goku attacks with several Finger Beams, which the Saiyan duo dodges, and despite the two's combination attacks, Goku manages to hold his own.

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