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Categories: Horror, Wireless Theatre Company Line producer Matthew Boudreau takes over while David Rheinstrom is away in France.This week's story is A Dread Light Shine in the Serpent's Sky, a collaborative audio fiction piece created for 11th Hour Productions by the folks at Audioblivious Pro...Categories: 11th Hour Audio, Horror Part 2 of 2 Ahh, ancient Greece.Hot nymphs, raging orgies, much wine, song, and occasional transformations into a goat. Well things are more wacky than ever in the sizzling and scandalous interpretation of the myth of...Categories: Podcast, Science Fiction This week, line producer Matthew Boudreau hooks us up with some binaural horror from the Wireless Theatre Company with The Autopsy.

David talks to Marc Sollinger and Dan Powell, the evil minds behind Archive 81 and The Deep Vault. Categories: Dead Signals, Horror, Radio Drama Re-play of the 2012 BBC Series "The Mumbai Chuzzlewits," adapted by Ayeesha Menon from the Charles Dickens novel "Martin Chuzzlewits," and transposed to Modern India. Categories: Adventure, Podcast, ZBS Part 2 of 3 By special permission from Tom Lopez (AKA Meatball Fulton) we have another edition of RDR in the Vault!Where would it lead, and could you handle what you found on t...Categories: Final Rune, Horror, Podcast This week, I play Episode One of Gareth Stack's startling psychological thriller, "The Wall in the Mind".This is a MASSIVE page of every show that was ever on RDR. First, from Paragon Collective and the makers of Darkest Night, it's Deadly Manners, a new murder mystery show narrated by Le Var Burton (Star Trek, Reading Rainbow) and starri... We're celebrating AUDIO DRAMA DAY by featuring some works from 11th Hour Productions, the once-a-year marathon audio drama production festival where dramatists from all the world over come together to create magnificently creepy fiction. Categories: 11th Hour Audio, Horror It wouldn't be a monster episode without MONSTERS, would it?! American podcast legend KC Wayland joins me for a chat about craft, zombies, and Force Multipliers of Art. Categories: Horror, Wayland Enterprises A double-feature this week as we begin our October horror series!

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Categories: Comedy, Crazy Dog Audio Theater, Podcast Part 1 of 2 Ahh, ancient Greece.