Guardia dating

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Guardia dating

She said she was raped by Mc Nearney in August 2013.

“Marines usually have honor.” Women testified that he would tell them to just shut up, that they wanted it and loved it, during the alleged rapes.

She recalled noticing several unauthorized charges on her credit card and confronted Mc Nearney.

She admitted spending hundreds of dollars on him at the Buckle clothing store after he claimed he needed some new duds to wear to his grandparents’ anniversary party.

At the conclusion of Friday’s hearing, Stow decided that Mc Nearney would be moved to District Court to face seven counts of felony rape. Stow also believed the prosecution had brought forward enough evidence during the hearing to show probable cause on two counts of felony grand theft of financial transaction cards and two counts of felony grand theft by deception.

Testimony from alleged victims in court showed a pattern of Mc Nearney meeting women on an online dating website called “Plenty Of Fish” under the name “magicmike.” He met another at a bar.

The sheriff’s office press announcement said Mc Nearney was the subject of a lengthy investigation into possible charges of identity theft, assaults, threats and other crimes possibly involving more than a dozen women in Spokane and Kootenai counties dating back to 2010.

According to CDApress: “Michael claimed to have been in the Marines for two years, owned a house, owned an Audi and a truck,” according to a police report.He racked up hundreds of dollars in debts to her, after they met while she was a waitress at a Coeur d’Alene bar and grill.Other women spent money on him for clothes at Buckle. He blew hundreds of dollars of the waitress’ money gambling – not long after first meeting her.Women testified he would punctuate offenses with a comment like, “It’s not rape if you yell surprise,” or “It’s not rape if I say surprise first.” Leading to the hearing, prosecutors charged him with several counts of rape, and added charges of felony grand theft of financial transaction cards and felony grand theft by deception.Defense attorney Chris Schwartz argued that Mc Nearney getting money from the alleged victims and not paying it back, even if he said he would, shouldn’t be considered theft by deception.

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Schwartz said the women only felt ripped off after their relationships or friendships with Mc Nearney ended.

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