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Benning, GA where he will go through specialized infantry training.After the first nine weeks of initial infantry training, he will then begin his Advanced Individual Training (AIT) for infantry as well.The languages and length of training for each are as follows: Special Forces Regimental First Formation & Graduation Once a soldier completes all five phases of the SFQC, he along with his family is invited to attend a graduation event in which the history of the Regiment will be explained.In addition to this, he will be a part of the formal issuing of the Green Beret.The creation of Dobbs County from Johnston County in 1758 placed the Clayton area in the center of Johnston, and a new courthouse was built on William Hinton's plantation.It was there at Hinton's Quarter that a tax revolt took place in the summer of 1768, as backwoodsmen known as Regulators attempted to take over the county court by force.There are five phases to complete before a soldier graduates and is awarded the Green Beret and the Special Forces tab. 9 to 48 weeks (depending on MOS assignment), 2 weeks of assigned language training The MOS assignments are given out after a soldier successfully completes the SFAS course.

Bragg, NC Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC) The Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC) consists of a number of training exercises that are vital for a future Special Forces soldier to have.

By the 19th century, the planter families of William and John Hinton, John and Reuben Sanders, John and Samuel Smith, Aaron and Drury Vinson, John Mc Cullers and others settled along the upper Neuse River to raise livestock, corn, and other products to turn into cash in Fayetteville, Petersburg, Norfolk, and other market towns.

Cotton became an important cash crop following the advent of Eli Whitney's gin in the early 1800s.

MOS training will take place during Phase III and language training comes next during Phase IV. Prior test scores are also taken into consideration.

The Special Forces MOS’s and length of training for each are as follows: Phase IV- approx.

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The area's abundant pine forests also afforded some landowners opportunities to capitalize on the naval stores industry for which eastern North Carolina was so well known.

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