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Then when Ro gave me the ok I would join in and we could have a hot threesome.The fantasy we have been discussing lately is having Ro go out on a date with a gentleman from the swinger sights.In our fantasy if she found someone she was interest in having sex with I would let her lead the gentleman back to the room and meet up with shortly after.My fantasy is to see them making out when I get there.We have talked of going to Vegas and have Ro wear one of her newly purchased sexy mini dresses to a casino bar and see how many men show interest.

You know I get turned on watching you make out with another man.

I began to notice the eyes following me on the subway as I crossed and uncrossed my legs. I noticed myself looking at them through the lens of a woman looking to finally be gratified.

I just finished reading “A Reluctant Voyeur” by Levi Charon.

Our sex life for the most part has been great, but with the thought of these new adventures sex has been better than great.

With this new sexual freedom we have become more open with our sexual fantasies.

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I am unsure if it is the strippers that get Ro so turned on or the fact that we may be swapping partners for sex at some point during the night.

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