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Emaphrodite in sex

Sex allocation theory is a powerful approach to understand the conditions that favor the evolution and stability of simultaneous hermaphroditism. It has been suggested that, since hermaphrodites may be inherently motivated to engage in mating, pre-copulatory barriers may be weak. Functions, diversity, and evolution of traumatic mating. Integrative and Comparative Biology 46: 473-480 [full text] Michiels NK, Newman LJ (1998): Sex and violence in hermaphrodites.

I will have three experimental treatments, each with several replicate populations: one “male” treatment, where marked worms only pass on their genetic material through sperm, one “female” treatment, where marked worms only pass on their genetic material through eggs, and one control.In cooperation with Phil Crowley, we are developing models that assess the extent to which sexual selection may favor sex allocation patterns that make hermaphroditism maladaptive and favor the displacement by pure sex invadors. Current work addresses, among other, the following issues: (i) Hypodermic injection strategies, where sperm donors may attempt to circumvent cryptic female choice mechanisms, seem to be much more widespread among simultaneous hermaphrodites than among gonochorists. In some cases, these strategies can take extreme forms in "hit-and-run" systems that severely damage the partner (e.g. Using the opisthobranch sea slug genus as a test case, we currently reconstruct the evolution of hypodermic injection strategies and quantify the costs and benefits that such strategies involve for the sperm donor and the sperm reciever. This finding strongly supports the concept that testicular tissue develops only in the presence of the Y chromosome. The tissues sampled for chromosome studies (two skin biopsies, right gonad and blood) contained cells having 46, 47 and 49 chromosomes and XX, XXY and XXYYY sex chromosomes respectively.

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