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Elucidating 2016 jelsoft enterprises ltd

However, the addition of exogenous IGF-1 reversed this.

Glutamate enables the phosphorylation of IRS1 at the serine residue (p-IRS1ser) through a PKA-dependent pathway.

As established previously, GH stimulates IGF-I gene expression via the Stat5b transcription factor, leading to production of IGF-I m RNAs and proteins.

However, the precise mechanisms by which GH-activated Stat5b promotes IGF-I gene transcription have not been defined.

I had the idea of elucidating the mechanism of ion transport across biological membranes by nuclear resonance.This led to my discoveries, by nuclear and paramagnetic resonance methods, of phospholipid flip-flop, an exceedingly slow process, and lateral diffusion, exceedingly fast (Kornberg and Mc Connell, 1971a ; Kornberg and Mc Connell, 1971b).For postdoctoral work, I wanted to learn about the other important method of physico-chemical analysis of macromolecules, X-ray diffraction.The increased expression of p-IRS1ser and its increased association with IGF-1 receptors in hypoxic RGCs suggested a possible interference by glutamate with the IGF-1 pathway.Moreover, there was increased caspase-3/7 activity in hypoxic RGCs.

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