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They also avoid touch, gender specific topics in conversation, and sometimes they avoid interacting with American men altogether.

The reason is because American women don’t want to compete with a woman who, you know, looks like a woman.

Even if you don’t work with her, such a compliment will close her vagina faster than a Venus fly trap.

East European women feel that in the US gender lines are blurred and the behaviors of men and women are very similar to each other. The reason you should not listen to American women talking about “gender roles” is that they are lacking in clear gender. You could, but you’d get a better answer if you ask the cow.

The American culture is dehumanizing, emasculating, and defeminizing.

Here’s what the women think of your countrymen: EE women perceive American women as more assertive than they are, and they feel that American women “try to be like men,” “boss men around” (Albania, age 22), “try to dominate a lot,” “dress like men” (Bulgaria, age 35), and “expect to be treated the same way as guys” (Hungary, age 23).

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American men who travel think American women are masculine. How long will it take for these masculine women to put mirrors up to their man jaw and realize what they’ve become?